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Dennington Jubilee Village Hall






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Everyone in the village was invited, along with several others and it seemed as if most of the village and their friends attended. 

Mr James Maberly, who had spearheaded the effort to refurbish the hall, spoke first and thanked all those who had helped, donated funds, planned and created the new surroundings. There was special mention of Mr Keir Wyatt and Mr Allen Dyne who had dealt with day to day issues along the way. 

The official guest Councillor Stephen Burroughes, our local County Councillor, spoke next to congratulate all concerned and expressed pleasure at the transformation that had occurred.

Finally, Susan Warren, the young lady who had officially opened the Hall in 1985 at the age of 11, recalled the day she found out that she would be cutting the ribbon at the new hall. Then, she handed the scissors over to Oliver Steward, today's 11 year old whose name has been drawn from a hat, to cut the ribbon. 

A wonderful supper, provided by Mrs Maggie Archard and volunteers, followed the ceremony and speeches with a great deal of reminiscing and catching up with old neighbours and friends. Overall, a successful and happy evening for all!

Julie Warren who recalled being chosen to open the original hall with County Councillor Stephen Burroughes 3

Julie Warren, pictured with County Councillor Boroughes, describing the day that she opened the original Jubilee Hall


James Maberly describing the changes to David Pierce a long time supporter of the Hall and Sports Club

James Maberly describing some of the changes to David Pierce, a long time supported of the Hall and Sports Club

A section of the large audience that attended the Reopening

A cross section of the audience

Standing room only!


We have not yet raised all the funds we need to complete this process, so we will continue to work hard to achieve the full amount we need to make it a great success.

Details for making a donation – 2 methods 

1)    Either send a donation by cheque to Dave Dunnett, 16 Swainstons Way, Dennington, Woodbridge, IP13 8DB, made out to ‘Dennington Village Hall’.

2)    Or if you wish to make an electronic transfer, please contact Dave Dunnett for the details: 

GIFT AID – If you are happy to sign a Gift Aid form, it allows the Hall to claim an additional 25% from the Tax man for the Hall. Please click on this link

You can fill in the details and either post it to Dave Dunnett (address above) or scan it and send it to Dave at the following email address:


Dennington Village Hall Website

The Village Hall and Sports Club now have a website of their own: so if you wish to make bookings of the main hall and/or the meeting room, please go to the Village Hall website and follow instructions. You can also call Binkie Andrews on 01728 638813 or email her directly: She will be happy to discuss dates and rates.

The main hall itself is expansive and has an excellent bar. There is a kitchen for all culinary needs and a very large car park, thus making it an ideal location for a variation of functions. It has been recently updated to very high standards and should meet most requirements. Why not take a look and see for yourself on the Village Hall website page.