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Women's Institute

President: Mrs C Cullingford

Secretary: Mrs J Dyne

Meetings are held in the village hall in Dennington on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.

Although WI meets on the second Wednesday of the month, there are a number of arranged visits and events during the year. In addition to these, there are a number of events that are organised by Suffolk East WI and members can attend for a reduced charge. The events range from countryside walks to cookery or gardening demonstrations.

The schedule for the remaining meetings for 2021/2022 is given in the table below. 

14th July Get together outside village hall Beech
11th August Wimbledon Championships: Wendy Smith Oak
8th September The Historical Art of Quilling, Past and Present: Elizabeth Moad Ash
13th October Suffolk Sandlings: Richard Moore Larch
10th November Annual Meeting Elm
8th December Christmas Party  
12th January Jeremy Savage: Born in 1937 Beech
9th February Medical Detection and Alert Assistance Dogs: Norma Howell Oak
9th March Ladies in Beef: Helen Reeve Ash