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Dennington Consolidated Charities


The committee meets twice a year to consider grants for groups and individuals in the village. 


This Report covers the period since the previous Annual Parish Council Meeting in 2017.

The management of the Dennington Consolidated Charities is administered by a group of Trustees who meet twice a year, in March/April and October/November. The purpose of the Consolidated Charities is for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Dennington.

There are seven Trustees including the Rector of the parish as an ex-officio Trustee. Following the retirement of the Rev Jonathan Olanczuk the ex-officio position is currently vacant.

Grants made on a regular basis are Christmas Grants to the elderly (£2,375 in total for 2017) and Educational Grants to young people undertaking Higher education (£1,250 in total to the end of April 2018). A proportion of the income of the Charities (fixed by the Charity Commissioners) is for the Church Restoration Fund (£2,158 for this year). Other grants are made when the need arises subject to the rules of the Charities. The Charities have supported the primary school (£2,009), the Sports Club (£5,000 to improve the young people’s play environment), the Allotment & Gardeners Society (£1,745 for fencing repairs) and have made donations totalling £1,750 towards supporting individuals and a local pre-school group. Monies have been set aside to support the village hall funding application to the National Lottery

There is also a Nursing Fund for the provision of small gifts when a person is taken sick. This fund is administered by Mr Robert Wardley, who would be pleased to be notified when such cases arise.