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Dennington Consolidated Charities

The committee meets twice a year to consider grants for groups and individuals in the village. 

A verbal report as given to the APM 2022 and reported in the minutes of the meeting:

Peter Lamb provided a verbal report from the Trust for the period to May 2022. The Trustees met three times over the year. The number of grants given at Christmas has remained static over the last few years, but the number of higher educational grants has shown a decline. The Trust has continued to support the church restoration fund and it donates a bible to Year 6 pupils leaving the primary school. It has also supported the Parish Council and Sports Club with a donation to be used for the future purchase of a replacement mower to cut the village’s green areas. The Trustees are very supportive of the pre-school that will be built on its land opposite the Village Hall and building works are due to commence in the next few weeks. The Trust is in contact with Suffolk Wildlife Trust who are providing ideas of how to use other areas of the charity’s land.