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Parish Council

All correspondence should be sent to the Clerk of the Parish Council:

Lydia Kirk, Silverlace Lodge, Silverlace Green, Parham IP13 9AD

Phone: 01728 723363

Email: denningtonpcclerk@gmail.com


 Position  Name Responsibilities




Mr Matt Lunn


01728 638070



Represents PC on Dennington Sports Club Committee

 Vice Chairman Mr Robert C.T. Wardley Represents PC on Dennington Consolidated Charities; Health and Safety responsibility;Examining Officer
  Mrs Mary Mann   
  Mr John Calver   Highways and Footpaths Representative
  Mrs Doris Dearing   
  Mr Nicholas Watts  Represents PC on Dennington Jubillee Hall Committee; Tree Warden
  Mr Sam Steward   
  Mr Tom Mountain  
  Ms. Rebecca Fox  


Suffolk County Councillor

Stephen Burroughes



01986 785283

East Suffolk Councillor

Maurice Cook













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Policies and Procedures