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Dennington Allotments and Gardeners' Association


 The Chairman is John Jarvie and the Secretary is Pamela Stevens Turner. Contact email: pstevensturner@gmail.com

If you wish to find out about the association or rent one of the plots, please do not hesitate to contact either John or Pamela.


The allotment continues to improve as each year goes by, and now, in our 9th year, the transformation to a mature and productive field is a welcome addition to the village.

We currently have 28 members, including one honorary member, and a new Secretary and Chairman.

After eight years of tireless effort and support, Penny Welham and Danny Keating have relinquished their roles as Secretary and Chairman to Pamela Stevens-Turner and John Jarvie.
We would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Penny and Danny, and trust that they can now relax and enjoy their own plot!

There are currently eighteen plots being cultivated and one and a quarter remaining vacant. We are confident that with the on-going arrival of new families to the village that we will have the vacant areas taken up soon.

The finances remain healthy with £900 cash balance and we will continue to invest in equipment and materials for the on-going maintenance of the communal areas in the allotment.

Last summer the Consolidated Charities arranged for the entire surrounding fencing and gates to be upgraded and, in parts, replaced, and the work was done to an exceptionally high standard.
We wish to take the opportunity to thank the Charities for organising and providing the new boundary.
We also wish to thank Robert Wardley for his grass mowing services, which is always a welcome sight on a bright sunny day!

The individual plots continue to develop and thrive with some healthy competition between allotment members, albeit light hearted!
We welcome any suggestions or comments from the village and look forward to producing abundant crops again this year!                                        

A View of the Allotments

A view of the Allotments