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Dennington Village Fete

Some of the flower arrangement category2

Some of the flower arrangements

The Fete brought lots of people to the Village Green2One of the many beautiful stalls at the FeteA Summer Bonnet category at the Horticultural Club Produce dayFlower and Fruit categories

Reopening of Village Hall

The Celebration Cake 

The Celebration Cake


James Maberly describing the changes to David Pierce a long time supporter of the Hall and Sports Club2

James Maberly and long term Dennington resident, David Pearce

Julie Warren who recalled being chosen to open the original hall with County Councillor Stephen Burroughes 4

Julie Warren describing her day at the original Hall Opening with Stephen Burroughes

Members of the audience waiting for the official opening ceremony2

Waiting for the speeches to start



Tour of Britain visited Dennington   

More race along there is a terrific noise copy 2                      

Photographs of Dennington from the air

Swainstons Way 

Dennington Scenes

Entrance sign to Dennington

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