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Dennington Horticultural Club

Here is the report sent to the 2023 Annual Parish Meeting:

Originally founded in 2019, DHC ceased operations between April 2020 and July 2021 owing to the pandemic and so is only in its third year, which started in November 2022. We have six formal meetings a year (in the current membership year these were held in November 2022, February and April 2023, with future meetings taking place in June, August and October 2023), a summer drinks party and in future we plan to organise an annual visit to gardens open to the public.

Recent meetings have included a very well attended visit to Dennington Hall Farms, a master thatcher talking about his craft and a speaker from Bressingham Gardens, while in June we are hoping to have a talk about flower photography.

The number of fully paid-up members this year is down on last year, at 18, but in addition to members we regularly have between 5 and 10 guests at most meetings. At the April meeting, when Roger Gladwell was talking about garden design, there was an audience of 27 people.
We generally now use the meeting room rather than the main hall as this is a comfortable size for the numbers we generally get and where we can use either the TV or the screen and projector (temporarily lost, but now found!).

The current committee of the DHC is Jo Denton (secretary), Pamela Turner, Adrian Neil and Andrew Stansfeld. Between us we organise the speakers and manage the finances of the Club.