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Welcome to Dennington

When considering Dennington today, it is hard to imagine that in 1851 its population was greater than that of Felixstowe.

At that time, the village had a population of 1,047 compared to Felixstowe's 691 which placed Dennington in the top ten village populations in Suffolk.

Associated with this thriving community there were a variety of village services, which included four general stores, three boot markers, two blacksmiths, a wig maker, a florist, a watchmaker, a carpenter, and a basket maker. All these services would have served the surrounding area as well as Dennington itself.

Dennington has therefore been, and continues to be, an important village situated on two main roads the A1120 and the B1116, its history has been well recorded reflecting this fact. 

At the time of the Doomsday Book survey in 1086, reference was made to the village belonging to Robert de Malet of Eye.

Among a number of interesting historic facts is that the former Dennington Post Office was one of the oldest in the country, established in 184S, and one of only six listed in the first official postal guide of 1856.

Since its heyday in the nineteenth century, Dennington has declined in population and today, like most other rural villages, its role has changed significantly.

These changes are mostly related to the decline in agriculture which was the major employer.

Nowadays many people do not necessarily need to look to their local community for employment and services, although local services have declined, the community facilities have greatly improved.

The Neathouse Cafe which is located on the Village Green provides essential daily needs of food and vegetables and cakes, many of which are baked on site. Coffee3

The recently refurbished Village Hall is an excellent venue particularly for wedding receptions and sporting activities along with the WiFi technology has ability to hold virtual online meetings.

Dennington has one of the finest recreational grounds in the area, it has been said that it is one of the best in the county! The Sports Club Management Trustees provide sporting facilities such as bowls, tennis, and there’s a play area for children, avail to residents of Dennington and the surrounding area.

There is also a village newsletter - Dennington News - which can be found on the Village Hall site.  For more details, please go to the Village Hall website

The Parish Council meets five times a year in the Jubilee Village Hall committee room. Everyone is welcome.

2023 saw the opening of the new Play School on the Framlngham Road. The new building looks superb and is welcoming children from Dennington, Badingham and surrounding areas. It is called Little Oaks and further information can be found here

In 2020 East Suffolk produced a Village Profile for Dennington, please click here to read! This document, along with its contents, has not been produced by the Parish Council and therefore could be subject to copyright. Any copying may need the permission from East Suffolk District Council planning policy team.


Dennington's Local Recorder

The Suffolk Local History Council runs a Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk. We administer a network of volunteers to ensure that the ‘present’ is adequately recorded at local level for the ‘future’.

Dennington's Local Recorder is Pene Welham who will note significant happenings in the parish and collect local parish magazines, leaflets, election pamphlets and newspaper cuttings. At the end of each year, she will submit a short report summarising the activities of the parish.  The reports are deposited at the Suffolk Record Office and available to future researchers together with the collected items.

If you know of anything that should be submitted in Dennington's Annual Report, please contact Pene by email: pene.welham@btinternet.com




Following the purchase of a defibrillator for the Coronation Shelter in the Square within the village, the Parish Council has recently purchased a second defibrillator for Owls Green which has just gone live. The new defibrillator can be found at Wells Corner on B1116 in the old telephone box. 

Its intended use is for any person who dials 999 and requires life saving assistance. Image of Defibrillator

Once in contact with the ambulance emergency service, the call centre will take details, if they think,  by using the defibrillator it would save a life they would then give you the access code to the box where the defibrillator is housed followed by further instructions on how to operate it. 

The defibrillator is fully automatic. It also has a switchable young person mode to allow it to be used on children from one year to eight year olds as well as the standard adult mode. 

The defibrillator is so simple to use. Once the green button is pressed, it activates a voice which can be heard giving stage by stage instructions and prompts along with where the pads are to be placed on the casualty.

The Parish Council would like to thank County Councillor Stephen Burroughes for providing funds from his Locality Budget to pay for this second defibrillator. Without his help, this important device could not have been purchased for our community.

Robert C.T. Wardley 
Vice Chairman

Dennington Parish Council