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Dennington Consolidated Charities

The committee meets twice a year to consider grants for groups and individuals in the village. 

This Report covers the period since the previous Annual Parish Council Meeting in 2022.

The function of the Dennington Charities is that of making grants to support the people of Dennington. Trustees normally meet on two occasions during the year usually in March and October. Regular grants made this year have been the Christmas grants and educational grants for students in higher education. The number of recipients of the Christmas grants continues to remain fairly static, whilst there has been a slight decline in the number of students applying for educational grants.

The Charities have continued to support both St Mary’s Church Restoration Fund (at a level fixed by the Charity Commissioners to reflect the relevant worth of original bequests dating between 1485 and 1736) and the school (for example, by providing the children leaving at the end of the school year with a bible to reflect the church’s involvement with the school).

The Charities have also supported the Parish Council/Sports Club in providing funds towards the upkeep and eventual replacement of a mower for the benefit of maintaining the village’s green spaces.

Trustees have responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of buildings that they own on Charity land, currently the Pightle Barn (‘Neathouse’). The Little Oaks Playschool is nearing completion and will be a welcome addition to the village.

As well as organisations, individuals have been supported through the Nursing Fund, currently administered by Mr Robert Wardley.

The Trustees are always ready to receive requests for support which they will discuss at their meetings. The Clerk to the Trustees will be happy to receive such requests prior to the regular meetings.