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St Mary's Church

It has been announced that the Reverend Claire Kiddy has been appointed as Priest in Charge of the Upper Alde Benefice. Claire is currently Assistant Priest of the Benefice of Beccles with Worlingham, North Cose and Barnby and will be licences to her new post on 11th September at 7.30pm.

The Churchwardens are available if you require some help or information. They are Veronica Maberly: 01728 638627 or Robert Rous: 01728 638712, email: robert@denningtonhall.co.uk

For dates and times of services in Dennington, please see Events list.

The Church is open for private prayer during the week. Check the Events column on the website's main page for changes to services. 


Church History

The Church has many interesting features including the famous SCAIPOD and  the tomb of LORD and LADY BARDOLPH. It has been mentioned in many publications. Examples of the features can be found here:


Find a brief history of the Church here, written by James Wardley

The Bells of St. Mary's

The bells of St Mary's can often be heard ringing out over the countryside. There are regular bell practices to help hone the skills of the bell ringers.

Dennington is fortunate to have a magnificent ring of 6 bells. The oldest of the bells date back to the early 15th century. It is known that the Church has had a ring of bells since 1553 and they were last re-hung in 1915.

In 2008 an appeal was launched to restore the bells to their former glory and the organisers were pleased to announce that by 2009, the sum of £75000 had been raised.

Early 2010 saw the welcome return of the bells and a rededication service was led by Bishop Nigel Stock. The Church was filled with parishioners, friends and family from near and far to celebrate the successful venture. It is hoped that the bells will be enjoyed by all for years to come.

Restoration of the Clock Face

In conjunction with the bell restoration it was decided to refurbish the Clock on the North wall of Dennington Church Tower. It has been restored to the original blue and gold and looks wonderful.

The PCC would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this project.