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The New Nursery in Dennington

Nursery SchoolAs many of you know, a new nursery is being built on land close to the allotments on Framlingham Road. For information on the nursery, please contact: m.cole9@btinternet.com

The planning decision was made in May 2021 and can be read here.

Building work started in September and we receive updates on the progress. Here is the latest news from the project manager:

Week Beginning: 

5th December: The facework (outer blockwork) has begun to progress despite the bad weather and is up to a level whereby the scaffold is required.  The scaffold is being erected and it is anticipated the roofing contractor will be on site towards the end of next week.

December 5th 1    December 5th 3

21st November: Progress remains good with the blockwork being raised to wall plate height in some areas.  The contractor will be meeting the roofing contractor this week with a view to placing the order for the roof trusses.

 Brick work continues week beginning 21st Nov 22

14th November: Last week's progress was good with the brick layers on site.  They will now progress the super structure.

 Bricklayers started work Nov 24Brick work started Nov 24

7th November: The concrete block and beam floor was installed last week as planned.  The bricklayers are on site at present and will press on with constructing the superstructure.

31st October: Block and beam floor due to be delivered tomorrow and installed by the end of the week. The brick layers are due to arrive Friday and will progress next week.

Roof truss manufacturer will be in site on Monday to take preliminary information for fabrication

17th October: By means of the weekly update, the mainframe has now been erected and blockwork constructed up to DPC level.
It is anticipated that the block and beam floor will be installed this week which will allow the superstructure to commence.

Steelwork delivery took place last week with the main frame now erected.  Blockwork masonry to DPC due to commence this week in preparation of the block and beam floor installation.

4th October: Steel members due to be delivered to site and erection begun. Blocks due to be delivered to site the end of this week with a view to commencement of block laying week commencing 10th October.

Nursery Building work October 2022

26th September: Foundation pour completed, site prepared for crane and cherry picker e.g. laying of a crane mat etc. in preparation for upcoming steel frame erection.