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Suspicious Vehicle

1 November 2017

 Suspicious Vehicle    Sus+Berlingo+van

Police are asking residents to be alert for a suspicious white Citroen Berlingo van following a series of rural burglaries & thefts in Suffolk.

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More Lead Thefts

1 November 2017

Police are warning that theft of lead from buildings is again being reported in Suffolk.

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UK Power Cut Call 105

1 October 2017

There is a new number to call if you have a power cut:

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Suffolk Better Broadband

26 September 2017

Please see attached Newsletter which you may find useful.  
Our existing rollout programme is progressing very well indeed; we are closing in on the halfway mark (50,000) premises. As we know, we will get to around 85% superfast coverage under this plan by the end of next year. In the next few months we are starting to add new green cabinets in areas which didn’t previously have one; often solving problems relating to premises which used to have longer copper lines, or were connected direct to the telephone exchange.
Conscious that we never intended to stop at ~85%, and in line with government policy to raise superfast coverage targets, we have secured the offer of substantial funding from government (BDUK) and the New Anglia LEP — one of only a handful of LAs in the country to secure LEP funding for broadband. This funding will enable us to sign a second contract, raising our superfast broadband coverage target to around 95% of Suffolk. This funding will be targeted at any premise which will not get at least 15Mbps (fibre) by either commercial rollout, or through the first rollout of the Suffolk Better Broadband Programme.
We intend to sign this second contract this Autumn, and will therefore share details and advice on where this should get us to, and where the residual areas remain which we still need to focus on in order to close in on our aspiration of giving everyone the connection they need.

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