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Reopening of Dennington Jubilee Hall 2019

A large crowd came to witness the reopening of the Village Hall. A great deal of work had gone into making the day a great success.

Members of the audience waiting for the official opening ceremony4

The packed hall

Julie Warren who recalled being chosen to open the original hall with County Councillor Stephen Burroughes 5

As a young girl, Julie had opened the Hall when it was built. She was here to give her memories of that day.

Alongside is County Councillor Burroughes.

James Maberly describing the changes to David Pierce a long time supporter of the Hall and Sports Club3

James Maberly, who was Chairman of the Trustees is pictured explaining some of the changes to long time Dennington Residents, Mr and Mrs David Pearce.

Following the formalities, everyone enjoyed the Celebration Cake!

The Celebration Cake for the Reopening of the Hall2