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Latest Parish Council Minutes


DRAFT Minutes of online meeting of Dennington Parish Council 

held on Monday 22nd March 2021 at 7.30pm

The Local Authorities & Police and Crime Panels Regulations 2020 allow Councils to hold remote meetings.

1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the second online meeting of the Parish Council. Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mary Mann and John Calver as they could not access the online meeting. Apologies from Nick Watts were also accepted. Absent: Tom Mountain


Matthew Lunn (Chair) Rebecca Fox, Robert Wardley, Doris Dearing Sam Steward Lydia Kirk (clerk)

1 member of public    County Councillor Burroughes

Absent: Tom Mountain

2. Regarding item 11ii) ML declared that he lived diagonally opposite the property but was not a direct neighbour. There were no other declarations of interest.

3. The minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council on 25th February 2021 were approved as a true record of the meeting and signed by the Clerk pp the Chair.

4. There were no matters arising.

5. The Chair confirmed that the speed sign applications are with SCC’s Traffic Officers.

6. The Clerk thanked Cllr. Wardley for his recent efforts liaising with ESC’s Community Partnership Officer to help Councillors get online access for meetings.

7. Responsible Financial Officer’s report:

a)  The following payments were approved:

Reference Number




P26 20-21 

P27 20-21 

P28 20-21

P29 20-21

page1image1664384 page1image1666672 page1image1696832





page1image1610720 page1image1613216 page1image1610928 page1image1595328 page1image1642960 page1image1661472 page1image1605728

L. Kirk 




page1image1609888 page1image1605104 page1image1621536 page1image1684560

Pay to 31.03.2021


6 months payroll

Preparing for Audit webinar

b)  The year-to-date receipts and payments account was considered alongside the budgeted figures. Councillors authorised the clerk to transfer the £1,000 donation for a future mower, plus the budgeted £1,000 for the mower into the ear-marked Equipment Account. Also to ear-mark £1,500 for Asset Maintenance as per the budget. The general reserves balance was then considered in order.The Council looked at its internal control systems considered itself compliant and the systems currently in place sufficient.

8. The Council looked at its internal control systems considered itself compliant and the systems currently in place sufficient.

9. It was decided to postpone the annual litter pick until later in the year when Norse have resumed loaning its litter pick equipment.

10. Highways and Footpaths:

i) The Chair has been to several online meetings regarding the Quiet Lanes Project and gave more information on the scheme to Councillors. After discussion, Councillors agreed not to proceed with the scheme at present.

ii) ESC are reviewing their mowing of verges and are reducing the frequency of the cuts to encourage wildflowers and reduce costs. ML will speak to the volunteers about their mowing, but the Parish Council is currently compliant regarding its volunteers and personal indemnity insurance.

iii) RW has been logging more potholes to SCC online and encouraged other Councillors to do the same. SCC Highways have been to assess the flooding near Wash Lane and it is hoped that this will be actioned soon.

11. Planning

The following applications were discussed:

i) DC/21/0750/FUL Church Farm Clay Hill Dennington IP13 9JJ

Installation and conversion of grain silo as artist's studio. After discussing the proposals, ML proposed objecting to the application as it is not an existing building on the site and as such is not a redevelopment. RW seconded this and it was carried unanimously.

ii) DC/21/0751/FUL Belvedere Laxfield Road Dennington Suffolk IP13 8AE

Replace flat roof single storey extension. RW proposed supporting this application. This was seconded by SS and carried unanimously.

12. Correspondence received since the date of the last meeting was considered. ESC have confirmed that business rates for the Sports Club will not be due until July 2021.


Reports from Ward and County Councillors’ were shared prior to the meeting. Cllr. Burroughes was pleased to note that schools had now re-opened to all children and that the Stay at Home orders will finish on 29th March, with leisure centres due to re- open on 12th April and further restrictions due to be lifted 17th May. He is meeting with Better Broadband to find not spots’ across the county to help plug any broadband gaps. Cllr. Burroughes confirmed that SCC are reviewing their signage policy with regards to damaged and dilapidated road signs in the next financial year and he will report further when he knows more. Two new roundabouts are being installed along the A1120 to help with traffic.

From 25th March, the County Council will go into purdah which will limit the activity of County Councillors. Due to the ongoing Covid situation, Cllr. Burroughes encouraged postal voting for the elections in May.

Nicola Jenner, ESC’s Communities Officer for Dennington, gave a presentation about her role and how she can help local communities. She also advised about some local grant funding that might be of use to organisations within the village.

13. Matters to be raised at the next meeting:

Extension of 30mph limit

Speed sign update

14. The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7.00pm on Monday 10th May 2021, for the Parish Council’s AGM and the Annual Parish Meeting. Government restrictions at that time will determine whether the meeting is to be held online or in the Village Hall. There being no further business, the Chairman thanked Councillors for attending and closed the meeting at 9pm.