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Latest Parish Council Minutes

Draft Minutes of Dennington Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Monday 21st December 2020 at Dennington Jubilee Hall

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Attendees were asked to check in using the NHS Check and Trace app at the entrance to the hall. If anyone tests positive within ten days of the meeting, they are to contact the clerk, who has contact details for everyone at the meeting.
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mary Mann. County Councillor Burroughes and Ward Councillor Cook also sent their apologies.


Matthew Lunn (Chair) Robert Wardley, Doris Dearing, Sam Steward, John Calver, Tom Mountain, Lydia Kirk (clerk), 2 members of public

Rebecca Fox introduced herself to the Council, having recently expressed an interest in the advertised vacancy for a Parish Councillor. RF was co-opted on to the Council and signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
ACTION Clerk to notify ESC of the new Councillor and send RF an introductory letter.

2. Cllr. Calver declared an interest in item 9i. (Neighbour)
Cllr. Wardley declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 9i (He is a Trustee of the Charity applying for the Planning Permission). RW declared his wish to leave the room during discussion of this item.
Cllr Steward declared a pecuniary interest in item 9ii (His wife is the Chairman of
the Charity wishing to use the building applied for).

3. The Minutes of the Meeting of 14th September 2020 were approved as a true record of the meeting.

4. RW has chased works to re-surface the Square and it has been added to SCC Highways’ programme of repairs. He has reported various potholes around the village, some of which will be repaired.

5. Chairman’s report

The Chair has submitted applications to SCC Highways for the speed sign to be located on both sides of Laxfield Road. The owner of Blue Anchor has offered to host a post for the sign outside their property.
The Chair has spoken to the owner of two of the pillboxes in the village. He does not wish for them to be adopted. He has said that he will maintain them and that the pillbox that is furthest from the public road could be suitable to host organised school visits.

6. Clerk’s report

November’s Parish Council meeting was postponed due to the second national lockdown. 

Planning permission outcomes:
Wardley windows - Permitted
Little Crimbles caravan- This is showing as decision still awaited online but LK and RW have chased and have been told that the Certificate of Lawful Use has been granted.

Two new planning applications have been submitted since the agenda was issued:

Old Spring Cottage DC/20/5084/LBC Full Planning application currently not showing. [The Chair pointed out that the name of this property is incorrect. It should be listed as “Little Wish”. Also, there is no site notice at the property.]

ACTION Clerk to notify ESC and ask them to re-start the consultation period once these errors have been addressed.

Dennington Place DC/20/5084/LBC Full Planning applications currently not showing online

As these applications cannot be discussed at this meeting, it is hoped the response deadlines allow for discussion during January’s meeting.

7. Responsible Financial Officer’s report

a) The following payments were approved:

Reference Number




P15 20-21



6 months payroll service

P16 20-21


PKF Littlejohn

External Audit Fee

P17 20-21


Leiston C.A.B


P18 20-21


Dennington Church

Donation for village lighting

P19 20-21


East Anglian Air Ambulance


P20 20-21


Dennington Consolidated Charities

Rent for Village green

P21 20-21


Dennington Sports Club

Donation including reimbursing insurance costs

P22 20-21


Dennington Village Hall


P23 20-21*


Walnes Seeds Ltd

Village Christmas tree

P25 20-21


+ £15.60 L. Kirk

Pay to 31.12.2020; 2 x 2nd class books of stamps

P25 20-21



PAYE (due Jan 2021)

* Councillors discussed this payment. A figure to provide a Christmas tree will be added to the budget in future years so it is approved in advance. Councillors will try to procure a free or cheaper tree locally in order to make the best use of Council funds.
NW proposed approving this payment. SS seconded this. Three Councillors abstained from voting and all others voted in favour so the payment approval was carried.

b) The following funds have been received since the last meeting:





East Suffolk Council

Second half of precept


Dennington Consolidated Charities

 Donation towards purchase of next mower

The Council wished their thanks to the Charity for this kind donation be minuted.

c) The following payments have been made since the last meeting: 

Reference Number




page2image2985840Cheque Number

P13 20-21


L. Kirk

Pay ending 30.09.2020


P14 20-21



PAYE (due 21.10.20)


d)  The bank balances as at 27th November 2020 were:

Current Account £8,326.82

Active Saver £847.80

Equipment Account £3,455.89

e)  The bank statements and bank reconciliation to 27.11.2020 were reviewed and signed by RW as the Examining Councillor.

f)  The review year-to-date receipts and payments account was circulated prior to the meeting and was considered to be in order.

8. Procedural

i) Draft figures previously circulated for the 2021-2022 budget were mooted and adjusted slightly. Discussions were held about improving access to some of the village’s footpaths and amenities. There are some funds available for this in the Asset Maintenance budget but more costings would be necessary before starting any such projects.

Councillors agreed to freeze the precept and to set it at £9,998 again for 2021-2022.

ii) Meeting dates for 2021 were agreed.

ACTION Clerk to circulate dates to Councillors, on website and noticeboards.

9. The following planning applications were discussed:-

JC left the meeting.

i) DC/20/4832/FUL | Conversion and alteration of existing buildings to form a new dwelling, including upgrading of existing access.|Gay House Farm Laxfield Road Dennington Suffolk IP13 8BT
ML proposed supporting this application. SS seconded this and Councillors all agreed.

JC re-joined the meeting. RW and SS left the meeting.

ii) DC/20/5019/FUL | Site a 'Mock-barn' Style Building for Use as a Nursery School and Day Care Facility | Land Opposite The Village Hall To The West Of The B1116 Framlingham Road Dennington IP13 8AD

The member of public present was invited to express their opinion on the application or ask any questions. A concern regarding possible light pollution at night-time was raised, as well as a concern that the application was in a Conservation area.

Councillors then discussed the merits and drawbacks of the application at length.

There were concerns that the development was in a Conservation area and was outside the physical limits of the village and that if allowed, this application could set a precedent for other future developments. The question was asked as to why the Playschool could not be located next to the Primary School on Laxfield Road, as the Local Plan states. It was noted that site-specific policy SCLP12.49 (which requires provision to be made for an early-years setting) only relates to development on the Laxfield Road, and no application has been received nor is likely to be received in the medium term.

One Councillor wanted to know what would become of the building if the Playschool closed. [Subsequent communication from the Consolidated Charities informs the Council that the building will revert to Consolidated Charities ownership, in the event that the Playschool Charity is wound -up].

Having the Playschool in the same village as the Primary School was seen as advantageous. The site has good access, space for a car park and traffic that is physically forced to slow due to the bends in the road on either end of the field. It was also noted that the ownership of the land would remain with the Consolidated Charities and that the proposed use of any future building be consistent with the Charities' charitable purpose; thus helping to fulfil the Trustees’ statutory duty to try to maximise the Charities' assets for the benefit of the village and surrounding area.

ML proposed supporting the application. JC seconded this. Four Councillors voted in support of this proposal and two voted against.

RW and SS rejoined the meeting.

10. Correspondence received since the last meeting was considered and the relevant actions have been taken.


The County Councillor and Ward Councillor’s Reports for December have been circulated and published on the village website. 

There were no questions from members of the public.

11. Matters to be raised at the next meeting

Some of these issues have been rolled over from the previous meeting due to time constraints at this meeting.

Discuss village pillboxes

Discuss trees from the Glebe to Ivy House corner

Highways and footpaths issues

i)  Discuss extending 30mph zone to include entrance to the village hall

ii)  Receive an update on the Vehicle Activated Sign

iii)  Future collaboration between the School and Parish Council to improve road safety outside school.

iv) Discuss Mowing obligations and options around junctions

12. The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 11th January 2020.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked Councillors for attending and closed the meeting at 9.15pm.