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The Village Hall and Sports Club now have a website of their own: so if you wish to make bookings of the main hall and/or the meeting room, please go to the Village Hall website and follow instructions. You can also call Binkie Andrews on 01728 638813 or email her directly: She will be happy to discuss dates and rates.

The main hall itself is expansive and has an excellent bar. There is a kitchen for all culinary needs and a very large car park, thus making it an ideal location for a variation of functions.

Sausage and Mash Success

What an amazing evening we had on Fri 26th! It was a fantastic event  with so many of you staying on to enjoy a good drink and a good chat with friends. Much fun was had by all and a delicious meal served by Maggie Archard and her team. The free beers were a real bonus! So good to see such as large turnout of our village residents to join us in celebrating our achievements to date. We raised £300 worth in cash donations and have since had a further £170.00 from individuals, for all of which we are really most grateful.

This brings us to a total so far of £470.00. This is really great, but we do need to raise a little more to get there. Some of you expressed a keen interest in making a donation, so below are the details in order to do so.

Details for making a donation – 2 methods 

1)    Either send a donation by cheque to Dave Dunnett, 16 Swainstons Way, Dennington, Woodbridge, IP13 8DB, made out to ‘Dennington Village Hall’.

2)    Or if you wish to make an electronic transfer, please contact Dave Dunnett for the details: 

GIFT AID – If you are happy to sign a Gift Aid form, it allows the Hall to claim an additional 25% from the Tax man for the Hall. Please click on this link

You can fill in the details and either post it to Dave Dunnett (address above) or scan it and send it to Dave at the following email address:


We’ve done it!!!!!

We’ve been awarded £148,000 by the Big Lottery!

After six years of preparation, investigation, visits, planning and applications, we have been told that we have been successful in our bid for funds to renovate the Hall. But it isn’t all plain sailing yet; there are four important conditions we have to meet:

a) We need to raise an additional £46,600 (by March 2018) before they will release this money, £2,600 of which has to be raised locally.

b) We need to write a Business Plan for the next three years, acceptable to the Big Lottery Assessors.

c) We need to write an acceptable Project Development Plan. d) We need to gain the input of the Dennington under 18 year-old children on what they would like to see happening at the Village Hall.

All of this is possible which is excellent and we have already started on the Business Plan and the Development Plan. For the rest, we need your help. We have started the process of raising more funds and have so far raised £20,000, though £4,000 of that is conditional on us raising the full amount. Thus we still have £26,600 to raise, of which at least £2,600 needs to be raised locally.

We will be holding a concert on 14th April and there will be a Race Night in March, both of which we hope you will attend and provide us with your much needed support. This will not however raise the full amount, so we very much hope that some of you may be willing to contribute something towards the refurbishment of the Hall.

For more details, please click here 


The Business Hub is held in the Meeting room of the Village Hall. Essentially, we are offering the space as an ‘office away from the office’. We have excellent broadband and provide tea and coffee facilities for all users. It will run from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 5.00pm, PROVIDED the Meeting room is not already booked for an event.

All users will need first to REGISTER. The registration form is attached, but is ALSO available from the Hall website at this link - see . On completion of registration, a time sheet will be forwarded to you by Binkie Andrews, the Booking Manager, with further details about how to enter the Hall (keys and codes). The cost will be £2.00 an hour per person.

It should be remembered that the Business Hub will only be available when there are no other bookings for the Meeting Room on any given day. Users will need to check the EVENTS PAGE on the website at to see if the meeting room is being used or not that day, and when.

There are a number of people who have expressed interest in this idea already, so we hope it will help all those who need a regular working space away from home and away from the office.