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Suffolk Refill Directory

26 February 2020

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New Suffolk Refill Directory launched has been collated listing shops and mobile vendors in Suffolk that are known to supply loose consumer goods to customers who bring their own refillable containers, helping to reduce the demand for single-use packaging and cater for the growing number of consumers who are aware of the need to wean ourselves off the use-once-and-chuck culture and the Directory aims to help those consumers to seek out vendors offering this option. The kinds of goods offered range from loose-leaf tea, rice, oats, chocolate and other dried foods through to household cleaning products. The Directory has been collated by the Suffolk Waste Partnership with input from Greenprint’s Plastic Action Champion volunteers.

The Refill Directory can be viewed here: https://suffolkrecycling.org.uk/reduce-your-waste/refill-directory     If you know of a shop or mobile vendor that offers refills of this type and isn’t on the list please email waste.management@suffolk.gov.uk (Tip – if planning to purchase fluids from a refill vendor it’s a good idea to ensure the container you bring has the capacity marked on it)