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Police Advice on Local Burglaries

16 October 2021

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Awareness and prevention bulletin following thefts in rural locations

There has recently been an increase in theft of power tools from rural locations in East Suffolk. 

Rural locations, particularly farms and barns, are being targeted and often the locations have inadequate security. 

Follow our advice and secure your tools. 

Think in layers – The more layers of security there are the harder it is for the thief and it increases the chances of them being caught. 

Lock things together – Lock things together with strong bicycle locks. This is another layer of security which just makes it harder for thieves.

When possible, lock tools and small items of machinery inside a secure building. Also consider making a robust secure cage to keep tools in.

Record the make and serial number of power tools – take colour photos of all valuable tools. 

Mark or stamp easily removed items with your postcode, followed by the first two letters of your name, or other identifying marks. Alternatively use a forensic property marking system such as Smart Water of Selecta DNA.

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Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999.