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Hall Fundraising

4 February 2018

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Sausage and Mash Update

Part of our requirement to qualify for the full £148,000.00 is that we must raise a further £2,600.00 locally. Of that, we are pretty certain we will raise £1200.00 at our concert on 14th April, so it leaves £1400.00 still to raise locally. After the Sausage and mash evening, we raised £300 worth in cash donations and have since had a further £170.00 from individuals, for all of which we are really most grateful.

This brings us to a total so far of £470.00. This is really great, but we do need to raise a little more to get there. Some of you expressed a keen interest in making a donation, so below are the details in order to do so.

For details on how to donate, please click here

or go to the Village Hall website