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Dennington gets a Defibrillator

30 November 2017

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Defibrillator 2
"The Parish Council has recently purchased a defibrillator which went live on the 30th November and is situated in the Coronation Shelter in the Square. 

Its intended use, is for any person, who dials 999 and requires life saving assistance. 

Once in contact with the ambulance emergency service, the call centre will take details, if they think that by using the defibrillator, it would save a life they will then give you the access code to the box where the defibrillator is housed, followed by further instructions on how to operate it. 

The defibrillator is fully automatic. It also has a switchable young person mode to allow it to be used on children from one year to eight year olds as well as the standard adult mode. 

The defibrillator is so simple to use. Once the green button is pressed, it activates a voice which can be heard giving stage by stage instructions and prompts along with where the pads are to be placed on the casualty. 

During the spring of next year the council be will looking to purchase a second defibrillator with financial help from our Country Councillor, this we hope will be placed in the redundant telephone box which the Council has recently purchased at Well's corner Owls Green." 

Robert C.T. Wardley