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Closure of 482 Bus Route from Framllingham to Diss

10 August 2019

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Petition against bus subsidy cuts in Suffolk, re closure of 482 route (Framlingham to Diss)

Dennington Parish Council has received a letter from a councillor on the Stradbroke Parish Council, in her private capacity, to ensure that we as Dennington residents are aware of Government plans to axe this bus route which is the only bus through Dennington. The letter states:

"There are many reasons why this route closure is not good for our villages, including accessing the railway, but it also goes against Suffolk's pledge in the Local Plan for connectivity and increasing well being.  Many 482 passengers and I have written about this to Passenger Transport (Growth, Highways and Infrasturucture), Endeavour House, 5 Constantine Road, IP1 2DH and some have emailed 

We have received responses but the decision is still going ahead.  Apparently, we can use the dial a ride bus (taxi bus), but this does not cater for those with large pushchairs or motorised pavement scooters, for example, and pensioners cannot use their bus pass. The buses are quite small, too. My personal feeling about using this bus service is that it will not be able to cater for the increased demand unless it expands. This will add to its cost--which may equal the previous subsidy, if not exceed it.  

I am writing this to ask you if you would kindly circulate this letter to alert (others) to a petition that was set up some time ago for the attention of Mary Evans, the Cabinet Minister for Highways. It is appealing against Suffolk County cutting bus subsidies. It can be found at this link. ".